Evolution of mind, body & spirit

An oasis in the Bronx

In light yoga and health is a sacred space of wellness committed to sharing the wisdom of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, the healing energy of Ra Sekhi, and the health benefits of Foot Reflexology.  In a safe and nurturing environment, we aim to equip individuals, groups, and the community with the tools of positive transformation. We work to cultivate spiritual strength for happiness and greater well-being.

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

An oasis nestled in the Bronx, NY, we offer opportunities for steady practice to help you eliminate negative thought patterns, heal emotional wounds, enhance your mood and experience your higher self. Through pranayama (breath work),  kriya (exercises), mantrasrelaxation and meditation, we assist you in bringing your best self forward and into balance.  Transform, expand, evolve!

All ability levels are welcome.  Classes are 90 minutes .   Do RSVP.  Only 9 students admitted each  class. 


Ra Sekhi Kemetic Energy Medicine

Ra Sehki sessions help you eliminate toxins, remove energetic and emotional blocks, ease physical pain, obtain clarity of mind, maintain and improve the immune system, increase vitality and well-being, aid in recovery from trauma, accident or surgery, accelerate spiritual growth and much more. Access this ancient healing science to cleanse your aura and balance your aritu (chakras). Learn which of your aritu may be out of sync. Get at the root of the imbalance. Receive one-on-one feedback on how to restore and maintain your inner balance. Sessions include consultation, your personal summary and guidance for continued balance.

Contact MutShat--646-571-9500

Foot Reflexology

 Reflexology, like yoga and Ra Sekhi, is an ancient healing system.  Specific techniques of the hands and fingers are used to apply pressure to the feet in areas that directly correspond with the organs, glands and nerves.  Studies have shown that  Reflexology increases blood flow to the intestines and kidneys.  It induces relaxation, reduces pain and symptoms of dis-ease.  One experiences an overall sense of well-being.