Embracing Sacred Tools for Inner Balance by MutShat Shemsut-Gianprem Kaur

We are all equipped with sacred tools for inner balance, we must simply access them.

Recently, a client called in tears to share a particularly challenging situation that she was experiencing. She said she felt that she was “having a nervous breakdown” and said she was engaging in behavior that was uncharacteristic of her—paranoid and potentially violent. She asked to come in for some healing ASAP. I first assured this beautiful sister that whatever emotional challenges she was experiencing, and even the cause, were temporary, and I encouraged her to breathe.

Breathing is such a powerful, sacred tool. It is a gift from God that is given to us at birth, leaving us when we transition. With it we can control our mind, rather than allow our mind to control us. Control your breath, control your mind. As I talked her through the long deep breathing she’d learned previously, she reported that she felt “better already” and wondered why she had not thought to use her breath earlier.

We have a number of tools at hand to use in times of emotional chaos, crisis, unease or depression. We are all equipped with sacred tools for inner balance, we must simply access them. They are all around us. They are the positive thoughts, things and experiences that bring us back into balance. It is easy to forget them when in the midst of emotional upset. We must train our mind to remember. The majority of these sacred tools are simple to use and the vast majority are free of charge. Below is a partial list of them. Partial because you, a divine co-creator, are fully capable of conceiving of and utilizing your own, additional, sacred tools. Of course, if you are ever in a place where you feel that life itself is too much for you to bear or handle, seek professional mental health help,

_____Breathe. There are so many breathing techniques that create specific, positive, measurable results.

_____Speak positive affirmations. You are the co-creator of your world.

_____Meditate. Learn how. Practice. It cleanses the mind and enhances intuition.

_____Eat fresh, healthy, organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetable. Living foods really raise your vibration.

_____Spend time in nature. Go barefoot on some grass. Ask a tree to allow you to hug it, and release.

_____Move your body at least three times a week. Martial arts, zumba, sports, hiking—just do it!

_____Get your rest. Burning the candle at both ends leads to—burn-out.

_____Be of good character. It is a Universal charge. Emotions do not last long. Character does.

_____Surround yourself with positive people. Like attracts like. Who are you attracting?

_____Take spiritual baths. They work. They cleanse away negativity. They refresh. They detoxify.

_____Feed your soul. Read spiritual books. Listen to uplifting music. Allow your spirit to soar.

_____Count your blessings. Be grateful. Be giving and forgiving.

You’ve got a checklist. Next time you’re in that shadowy place, remember your sacred tools, and use them to bring your mind, body and spirit back into balance.

Ankh m Maat (life in balance)


MutShat Shemsut-Gianprem Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and a healer priestess of Ra Sekhi Kemetic energy medicine. She is certified in foot reflexology and is a sacred art creator. She is author of Meditations for An Evolving People due out in the fall.

Source: http://www.inlightyogaandhealth.com