Kemetic Energy Medicine Classes 2019

Level One-- September 13th, 14th and 15th

Level Two-- November 15, 16, 17


Kemetic Energy Medicine?

It is an Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian)  science  of spiritual, emotional,  mental  and physical healing.  Kemetic Energy Medicine uses the power of energy channeled through the hands, sound and aromatherapy, words of  power and more to bring  about holistic balance to the aritu, also known as the chakras. It reduces stress, pain, helps combat depression, and promotes clarity, calm and peace of mind bringing one into alignment.

The patroness  of Kemetic Energy Medicine  and all healers and physicians is the  lioness-headed fierce warrior and healer Goddess Sekhmet .  The priestesses and priests in Sekhmet's temple were known for their skill.  The name Sekhmet means  "the powerful one".   

Sekhmet Wall Relief.jpg

Kemetic Energy Medicine Level One

The form of energy medicine taught is Ra Sekhi, reignited by Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, founder of the Ra Sekhi Arts Temple of Healing. Level One is an opportunity for inner work and growth.  You will learn how to activate your own healing power so that you may work on yourself and family members.  The focus of the training is on your own healing process.  You will learn how to cultivate the  energy of  the aritu (chakras) for spiritual,  mind and body growth.  You will learn the science behind the healing, as well as aura cleansing, palm and color therapy. You will learn about the looping, negative habitual mind, what it is and how to combat it.  You will learn how to make a spiritual  bath--hands-on,  and a Kundalini  Yoga Kriya (series of  exercises) and meditation  to support  aritu  balance and self-healing.   Perhaps most importantly, you will be introduced to the  42 Laws of Ma'at as a living pathway to elevation, and much more. 

Lecture         Practice       Attuned

Kemetic Energy Medicine Level Three - Master Teacher

At  Ra Sekhi Level Three, one is expected to be a  proficient,  consistent, knowledgeable, dedicated practitioner who is well-rounded and ready to  share the science and wisdom  of Ra Sekhi as a teacher of students and attune them .  At this level the practitioner  is  introduced to herbal medicine,  divination and MUCH more.  You will be thoughtfully, and carefully guided through the process .

Contact MutShat  for more information regarding any of the three levels: or 646-571-9500


Kemetic Energy Medicine Level Two - Practitioner

Ra Sekhi Level Two will take you deeper into your practice.   It is the path of the initiate.  You will learn more about  how to facilitate a healing  session, with an emphasis on clients and how to read their energy levels.  Tools and techniques such as  sound therapy,  gemstone use  and heka (words of power) will be identified and discussed, along with the Kemetic and other symbols  to employ.  The emphasis is on learning how to take a holistic look at the client before you, and innerstand the responsibility that comes with this work. You will be expected to apprentice with MutShat for the purpose of observation at least twice. You  will learn how to  conduct a  distance healing session,  ear candling  and much more.  At Level Two we will take a closer look at the Goddess Sekhmet as she is referenced in the Prt m Hru — The Book of Coming Forth By Day.

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