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Ra Sekhi

MutShat is an awesome spiritual, understanding and compassionate healer who does so with grace and charm and makes it look easy.  –Dr. Philip D. Craig—

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The Sacred Space

Mutshat Shemsut has created a safe, peaceful, sacred oasis in which to channel the healing power that balances and cleanses the aura and brings her client's aritu (chakras) into balance. The space is routinely purified by the scent of sage and is charged by other purposeful and uplifting natural elements.

1st Session - $117, 2nd session $90, following sessions $54 --sliding.


Remote/Distant Healing

Can’t make it to the Bronx?  The power of Ra Sekhi can be used to heal where ever you are in the world!  You do not have to be physically present.  Healing energy transcends time and space.  We will simply set up an appointment for your session at your convenience at a time when you are in a physical place of quiet and peace. 


Contact:  inlightyoga81@gmail.com               or 646-571-9500

For Couples

Ra Sekhi for couples is a special healing modality that will help to clear away old arguments and confusion. Guided energy clearing with Mutshat helps strengthen the bond of a couple, establishing a place of peace together with a focus on healing, as well as unconditional love and balance.


Clients Say...

“Dear Mut Shat,

I am really touched by how much you invest of your time and self into these amazing sessions.  You are a powerful healer. I so appreciate the work you do ...and you."                  -- Kima K

The Ra Sekhi session was great! I felt relaxed and at peace.
— T. Anderson
I didn’t know what to expect or what I would get out of the Ra Sehki session. But I feel like a fog was lifted.
— Sheree C.
I did notice a difference before and after the Ra Sekhi session. I feel so relaxed, deeply relaxed, with a better sense of well-being.
— S. Harriram
Ra sekhi Kemetic Reiki at In Light Yoga and Health