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Ancient Esoteric Healing Wisdom

Ancient Esoteric Healing Wisdom

a workshop taught by MutShat Shemsut and El Ha Gahn

Saturday, October 14, 2017, 10am to 4pm @ In Light Yoga and Health

Journey through some of the sciences and techniques of the ancient world that people used to keep their mind, body and spirit in high level order. You will experience the knowledge of how to use auric wisdom, yogic systems and esotoric tools to help you in your daily life.

Energy exchange: $100 (+ 3 for convenience fee)  Click to Register now

Bring a friend. All are welcome.


MutShat Shemsut-Gianprem Kaur is a Ra Sekhi (Kemetic Reiki) Master Teacher, Snwt (healer priestess), and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor.

El Ha Gahn is an Herbalist, Naturalist, Natural Health Educator, Spiritual Development Coach and Esoteric tour Guide.