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Potent Times to Meditate: Eve of the Full Moon, Full Moon

Potent Times to Meditate: Eve of the Full Moon and the Full Moon

During the Full Moon there is a pressure on our glandular system that can make us erratic and out of balance.  However, this same pressure can be used to accelerate healing on all levels. In certain phases of the moon cycle there is much more emotional energy present. During these certain phases deep emotional work is more easily entered into. Getting in sync with the moons cycles can keep our health and emotions optimized. Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West in 1969, said: "Your biofeedback moves from New Moon to Full Moon, and Full Moon to New Moon."

We will focus on two phases of the moon.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017, Eve of the Full Moon

Traditionally, the eve of the Full Moon was considered a very potent time to Meditate. There is a Meditation which Yogi Bhajan cited as a powerful practice for this time, called Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Kriya, which means: The power of acquiring insight into future thought forms.  This meditation will help you to center and balance, among other positive things.  We will first tap into the healing and transformative power of Kundalini Yoga.  Then, we will practice the Dhrib Dhristi Lochina Karma Kriya meditation

Thursday, October 5, 2017, Full Moon

During the Full moon our glands are most active. This can make us feel very emotional and reactive.  However, if we channel that energy, we have the opportunity to make great gains in terms of our inner work and to accelerate emotional healing. Why does the moon have such an influence on us?  As our bodies are 70% water, the Full Moon not only affects the tides of the ocean, but the tides in us. Those who have not trained their minds through Meditation, are especially susceptible to extreme mental fluctuations on the Full Moon.

The Bij Mantra, or seed mantra (Sa Ta Na Ma), helps join you with your destiny—the fulfilling life you are meant to live—and signifies the cycle of life. As a result of mastering this meditation, you will become conscious in thought and action. Your words will have the power to penetrate deeply. Your words will inspire and always represent the truth of a given situation. It is said that you can master this meditation in several sittings if you practice with total devotion. Sa – totality, life Ta – creation, birth Na – death, transition Ma – rebirth.  We first tap into the healing and transformative power of Kundalini Yoga.  Then, we will practice the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation on the Full Moon.

Come and do something good for yourself!  Sat Nam!