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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation on the Full Moon

  • In Light Yoga and Health 3626 De Reimer Avenue Bronx, NY, 10466 United States (map)

I've been practicing Kundlini Yoga since 2000. I began teaching in 2008, when I became certified by the woman in the center of the photo with the orange scarf. Her name is Krishna Kaur. She was a dynamic woman then and is even more so now. She convinced me to come out to Los Angeles, California every month for about six months (?) to take the Level One Kundalini Yoga teacher training. While some may balk at leaving their neighborhood or state for a class or course, I have come to know that distance does not deter me when it comes to seeking knowledge. 

I did it, and now I've got my own yoga studio and wellness center, In Light Yoga and Health, in the Bronx, New York. Thank you Krisha Kaur! 

I'd like to share this sacred science with you. Mark your calendar:
Kundalini Yoga on the Full Moon at In Light Yoga and Health. We will take the opportunity to harness the energy of the full moon with a powerful kriya (series of exercises) and a powerful meditation called Hast Kriya which is actually a meditation but it's so powerful it.'s being called a kriya.

It's a meditaion to connect from above to below. It will renew your nervous system. Practiced regularly, it can heal nerve pain and sciatica. It is accompanied by a Jupiter mantra, Jupiter controls the center of the brain. Learn more about the power of this kriya. Come and get this spiritual food on Friday, June 9. 

The energy exchange is $15. Wear loose, comfortable fitting clothing, preferably white or off-white, and a headcovering. 

Discount cards are available.  Ask about the special sale. 

Love, Light and Peace,