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Full Moon Kundalini Yoga and Meditation--Harness the Energy!

Let the energy of the Full Moon work for you with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. 

If you set intentions, the full Moon is a time when you can initiate an action that will propel you forward on your path.  It is also a time of culmination, when those things that you have enacted come to fruition, into manifestation. 

We will practice a kriya (series of exercises) "For Keep-Up Spirit".  This kriya encourages us to work out our karma and innerstand the depths of dharma (the path of righteousness). Bodily organs and glands are addressed.  The Third Eye is stimulated. Many other benefits are obtained.

We will practice "Choke Meditation".  This meditation will work on your inner abilities and senses as well as your ego. 

Wear loose, comfortable clothing and a head covering, all preferably white. Do RSVP as only 9 students are accepted per class. The energy exchange is $15. All ability levels are welcome.