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Protection Against Electro Magnetic Frequencies: A Technological and Spiritual Approach

Protection Against Electromagnetic Frequencies: A Spiritual and Technological Approach

Thousands of research studies have linked Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) to negative biological effects on humans.  They heat up sensitive tissues in our bodies, interfere with our sleep patterns and more.  Not only do EMF result in negative biological issues, but they interfere with our connection to spirit as well.  

Learn essential information about the effects of EMF on our bodies and minds and how to eliminate or diminish the harmful rays.  You will learn the symptoms of Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES), how to diminish exposure from your computer, how to determine the level of EMF exposure in your home and more. 

MutShat Shemsut Gianprem Kaur, Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki Master and Teacher, KRI Certified Level 2 Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher and Reflexology Practitioner, will speak about how EMF impact our spiritual centers, our auras and emotions, and what we can do on a  spiritual level to combat them.  She will teach  meditations and Kundalini Yoga exercises that specifically address these issues with hand-outs distributed.  You will also learn about gemstones and even foods and supplements that will help to diminish the negative effects of EMF.

Refreshments will be served.  You must RSVP.  The Energy Exchange is $40. There is an added $3  convenience fee.  Click below to  exchange the energy and register..  Be sure to include your name and the words: EMF Event.


Later Event: July 14
Closing: July 14 to July 25