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Reflexology Levels 1 and 2 in 2018

Reflexology Levels 1 & 2 in 2018

Learn the basics of Reflexology at Level 1--and begin practicing. Get a more in depth knowledge of Reflexology at Level 2--and become more confident and competent.

Reflexology Level One with El Ha Gahn

Reflexology 2018--Level One Certification with El Ha Gahn

In the Reflexology Level One course you learn the basics of the system and you are able to practice what you learn.

Reflexology is a very rewarding career, and also a beautiful way to help your family, friends and others improve their health and well-being. Complete this comprehensive training course and learn the unique reflexology techniques that will serve you and others for a lifetime!

April 7, 8; 14, 15; and 21, 22

Saturdays--11am to 6pm

Sundays--11am to 6pm

El Ha Gahn's delicious, nutritious, vital vegan/vegetarian meals will be served all three weekends!

The Energy Exchange is $800 for the Reflexology Level One course (plus a $6 convenience fee). Those who take the $150 introductory course on April 6th may apply that Energy Exchange to Reflexology Level One--$650 for the course--a $150 discount! 

Receive a certificate of completion. 

The Science of Reflexology 150 (Friday April 6th) OR,

The Science of Reflexology AND Reflexology for Certification $650  OR

Reflexology for Certification ONLY $800

About El Ha Gahn

Elder El Ha Gahn is an Herbalist, Naturalist, Natural Health Educator, Spiritual Development Coach, and Esoteric Tour Guide. He is a practitioner of the Hatha and Tibetan yogic lineages.

To learn more about El Ha Gahn, visit his website at

Deepen Your Practice:

Reflexology Level Two with El Ha Gahn

June 2,3; 9,10 and 16, 17

Saturdays 11am to 6pm

Sundays 11am to 6pm

Deepen your practice of Reflexology. Learn of its impact on the community and its spiritual implications. Innerstand what the body is saying to you and articulate treatment plans for clients. Much more. Hands-on. Observation. Critique.

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