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Learn Level One Ra Sekhi Kemetic Reiki

Ra Sekhi Level One--Know Thyself

Ra Sekhi is an Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) healing system.  Learn how to self-heal.  Heal your family members as well--energetically.  This will be achieved by focusing on the aritu/chakras for spiritual, physical and mental wellness and growth.  The power is in your hands!

The training, over three days,  takes place in a sacred space  and is thorough. You will learn

  • energy healing techniques to use on yourself and others
  • the science behind the healing
  • the 42 lasws of Ma'at as a living pathway to elevation
  • breathing techniques to enhance your well-being and concentration
  • aura cleansing, palm and color therapy
  • how to make a  spiritual bath--hands-on
  • a  Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation for alignment

Become attuned.  Receive a  basic Level One certificate. Tuition includes a healing session and instructional book.

At Level One, you continually work on yourself, especially after  the training, and you begin work on family members. You are given support, feedback and encouragement both in person and via digital means.  

Level One Tuition is $200.  Make your  full energy exchange on or before August 8 and receive a $25 discount.


Make a deposit of $99.

To  make your $200 energy exchange in full click HERE.

To make a deposit  of $99 click HERE.

A convenience fee of $3 will be included.  Discounts will  be applied after the energy exchange is made.

Level Two Training begins September 28 and concludes September 30.  Energy exchange  $225.