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Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for the Full Moon

Meditation practice is particularly potent when there is a Full Moon.

Group practice adds even more meditative power. Join us for this time of elevation.

“First step to life is learn to send vibrations out. Become a beacon of vibratory power of your soul. Let it touch the unlimited shores.” Yogi Bhajan, 3/29/96


The October 13 Hunter’s Full Moon in Aries may appear bigger and more golden orange than your typical full Moon. Be still and relish the feelings of crispness in the air, purity and elevation. Connect to something positive, and greater than yourself. Give thanks for your blessings. With that energy, connect to positive ideas about your future and life.

The full moon is always a good time to pray, have ceremonies, and be reminded of the continuation of life. Just as the leaves are letting go – let go of everything you no longer need in your life. It’s a wonderful time to do a release ritual. Write out on paper everything you want to release and throw it into a fire. As the smoke goes up know that you have released it to the Creator/Creatress of all things. Dance, sing, or play a musical instrument to raise powerful spiritual vibrations . 

Throughout October work on your spiritual self, and pay attention to messages you receive in your dreams.

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