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Introduction to Reflexology

Introduction to Reflexology is a step into and exploration of the fascinating world of hand and foot reflexology. From ancient times this healing technology has been practiced by many people in many forms. There are numerous references to it in the Kemetic (Egyptian) Medu Neter (hieroglyphics) and even in the Bible. As a healing technique it is becoming increasingly popular today and more studied than ever before.

In this mini-seminar we will cover:

  • What is reflexology?

  • How can it help you in your daily life?

  • Where did it come from?

  • Who uses it?

  • What can it heal?

  • The basic principles

  • How can I learn this art?

Who should attend?

Anyone seeking a deeper insight into the various aspects of natural healing. People looking to add to their holistic practice. Healers intending to extend their professional range. Folks who are interested in helping themselves and others have a healthy and productive life.

Saturday, March 2, 2019 from 1:30 to 5:30pm

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Introduction to Reflexology

Note: Reflexology for Certification will be taught the following week. If you decide to take the training, the $150 will be applied.